Adopt the Green test attitude
The world’s first open and private testing platform dedicated to organic, natural and ethical products.
Improve your chances of success for the launch of your new products and get them referenced by the best experts around: your clients, or consumers who are like them.

Join ConnectYourSource, the only “organic” platform on the market that lets you create your own consumer tests.

  • You can test a wide range of products : food and drink, healthcare, beauty, home care products.

  • Sound out your clients, quiz organic point-of-sale managers, compare several different recipes or formulae , analyse analyse the strengths and weaknesses of rival products...

  • You can manage each test quickly and easily thanks to the automated on-line tracking system : Create a community or choose an existing public community, establish protocols and questionnaires, send products to test panels.

  • Use the power of full statistical data analysis and assistance from expert sensory analysts if you need it.

  • Five star support : ConnectYourSource will give you all the information you need to quickly set up your product tests like a pro, FAQs and on-line assistance too..
ConnectYourSource is better than a website. It is a genuine “marketplace”, where everyone involved can interact directly.

(ConnectYourSource has been built on extensive mass retail experience, and provides on-line tools that are accessible to small, micro and start-up businesses.).

You are
Hit the ground running and test your products with a community of your existing clients - or consumers who are just like them!
Approve your suppliers’ offers to your clients in just one click!
Bring the most relevant product studies to your clients’ doors!
Does your business bring you into regular contact with players in the eco-consumer industry? Sign up as a Sourcer, and enjoy financial rewards for each contact you pass on.
Are you at the head of a community focused on green products? Create an Ambassador account and offer our brands a panel of high-value consumers!
You set your own needs
You choose your panel
You select your partners
You track your project, every step of the way
Do you want to hear your client base’s opinion on a particular subject? Would you like to highlight a difference in perception between different recipes? Or see whether products using different raw ingredients are enjoyed similarly?